The most diverse East London Radio Station in London. Broadcasting to you live / 24 hours a day.
Tune in for a whole day of great music, up to date community news live interviews and lots more.

Welcome to 5 Rivers Radio


To Advertive Call Studio/Office: 020 3731 3104 • Mobile: 07756 575 207

We play bhangra, gidaa, punjabi folk, hindi and punjabi classics, religious servcies, regional, national and international news in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English

As the name of our company states (5 Rivers Radio) it relates to the State of Punjab, half of which is in Pakistan and half in India. The land of 5 Rivers (Punjab) got divided at the time of partition in 1947. 14th August & 15th August is celebrated in Pakistan and India as their independence day but for Punjab it was a Black day. The wounds received at that time are bleeding until today by both Punjab’s. 5 Rivers Radio is a small attempt to bring both communities together

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